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IPS Officer Manoj Sharma

12th Fail Movie is a Real Love Story Of IPS Officer Manoj Sharma and IRS Officer Shraddha Joshi

Director Vidhu Vinod Chopra came with a new movie, Vikrant Messy, a play Upsc Aspirant from a small town ( Chambal) India. In this movie trailer, Vikrat plays the role of Manoj. In this man’s failure in 12th grade, his friend was motivated to restart the journey of serving the nation. The movie will be released on 27th October 2023 in theatres.

Vikrant Messy is getting too much praise for playing his character most finely and every audience is waiting to see this movie on the Ott platform on Hotstar.

12Th Fail Movie Story

The trailer also reveals that of 2 lakh students in UPSC candidates, only 30 students will go to that stage and Manoj was from Hindi medium. Then we saw that Manoj was mistreated by his superiors and that if you guys are from a slum area you guys will not become Ips officers. Manoj Sharma overcame his poverty to become an IPS officer.

Despite that, he is on his plan with courage. Vikarat Messey ( Manoj) scrubs the toilet in the trailer and aims to clean the state. This story is Based On hope, never giving up on dreams and a story of crores of students whose parents have no money to pay the fees of private colleges their children dream of civil services.

12th Fail Real IPs Officer

Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s Film 12th Fail is based on the real story of the IPS Officer and Shraddha Joshi. In an Interview with Lallantop Manoj Kumar Sharma shared his love story “ One can live without Love, despite academic pressure, he won the heart of Shraddha Joshi for becoming a good life partner.

A couple of stories started from coaching classes at the UPSC coaching centre at Mukherjee Nagar where the teacher suggested Manoj Sharma meet Shraddha because of her Interest In Hindi literature. 

Manoj Sharma also explained her name and Background in a Romantic way In the interview “Ek Toh Naam Shraddha upar se sehar Almora, that day I only felt something special about her . He was scared of rejection so he asked about friendship with her. Manoj Sharma learned how to make tea to impress the Shraddha because the Pahadi people’s life is based on tea only.

Vikrant Confirmed Real IPS Officer Appearance In 12th Fail Movie

One X user commented, did anyone notice Real IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma and his wife IRS officer Shraddha Joshi in the background. In that Comment, Vikrant Messy responded and confirmed the appearance of an officer in the 12th Fail Movie.Haha!!! So I finally found someone who noticed this. True, it’s them. A small @VVCFilms tribute to them. Another trivia, it happened at the same place, which is Delhi Haat.

12th Fail Movie Actress and Actor

  • Vikrant Massey 
  • Palak Lalwani 
  • Medha Shankar
  • Priyanshu Chatterjee
  • Sanjay Bishnoi 
  • Harish Khanna

The 12th fail Movie actress’s name is Medha Shankar she played the character of IRS officer Shraddha Joshi. This movie gained a lot of praise on social media now it’s streaming on the Hotstar platform.

12th Fail Movie Director Name

12th fail Movie Director named Vidhu Vinod Chopra who made a masterpiece film. Many Actress and actors praised the acting level of Vikrant Messy as he played a very good character. Vikrant Messy has become one of the finest actors in Bollywood right now.

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