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Actors and Cricketers Support “Lakshadweep Tourism” After PM Visit: What is Maldives Controversy

Many Bollywood stars and Indian Cricketers appealed to Indian People to Visit “Lakshadweep tourism” to Support Indian Tourism. Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan, John and Shraddha many more have expressed Indian Tourism on to wish list. 

On social media Cricketer Hardik Pandeya, and Virendra Sehwag support the “Lakshadweep tourism” because Maldives minister Comment on X for visiting the Prime minister on the Indian Island.

What Is Maldives Controversy

Our Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi ji has introduced “Lakshadweep tourism” one of the Tourist places in India to see the Clean beach as well as many water activities you can do here. Maldivian Minister commented on PM for introducing the “Lakshadweep tourism”, “How you will provide the service as we are giving to the tourist despite India Providing major Tourist To Maldives. 

Battle started over the X platform because of that many Indians have cancelled their tickets for the Maldives as They commented on Indian capabilities and trends Going On social media to Boycott the Maldives.

Actor’s Reaction On Maldives Controversy

Akshay Kumar posted over the X, I have visited Maldives many times but the comment on Hon PM is Disappointing Came across comments from prominent public figures from Maldives passing hateful and racist comments on Indians. Surprised that they are doing this to a country that sends them the maximum number of tourists. 

We are good to our neighbors but  Why should we tolerate such unprovoked hate? I’ve visited the Maldives many times and always praised it, but dignity first. Let us decide to #ExploreIndianIslands and support our tourism.
Our Tiger 3 superstars have also written that It is so cool to see our Hon PM Narendrabhai Modi at the beautiful clean and stunning beaches of Lakshadweep, and the best part is that yeh hamare India mein hain. Johan Abraham has written Atithi devo bhava

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