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Salman Khan Brutally Scolds Abhishek Kumar

Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan Brutally Scolds Abhishek Kumar, called Him Fake Contestant

Bigg Boss 17: A New promo has been shared, in which Salman Khan brutally scolds Abhishek Kumar and calls fake contestants in the Bigg Boss House 17. Salman Khan also advised Isha Malviya not to sympathize with Abhishek Kumar.

Bigg Boss 17 

Bigg Boss 17 every day gives new drama in an Episode and grabs the audience throughout India for TRP. In the latest Weekend Ka War, latest episode Abhishek kumar and Isha had a fight and argument during the argument Abhishek started a conversation about her past, which crosses his lines because of that Salman Khan scolded him because of his insane behavior with her.

In the latest promo, Salman Khan said that Abhishek Kumar is a fake contestant in the Bigg Boss house. If there is an award for a fake contestant then Abhishek Kumar is only eligible to get it. Salman started scolding him because Abhishek was trying to point out her character. Salman said if you were doing it in front of me then “ Mai aapko Nichod data”.

Users Getting Abhishek on Social Media

As per the new Promo Salman Khan scolded Abhishek Kumar, fans agreed with Salman Khan and netizens shared their views regarding Abhishek Kumar’s Behaviour in Bigg Boss House. Users have posted regarding him on the X platform.

Salman Khan Advises Isha

After scolding Abhishek Kumar, Salman advises Isha Malviya that Whether Abhishek cries, fights or breaks things anywhere, you will not go to him for any conversation. Many times Isha Malviya tries to give sympathy to Abhishek Kumar as he is her ex.

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Salman Khan upset with Mannara

 Salman Khan also added that Mannara Chopra upsets me. Mannara is playing a game, he says that your age is not to behave like children. Salman asked Munnawar “Have you seen the world, and he replied “ NO” Then Salman Khan said that it is not your duty to explain everything to her, and she would not take it because she is playing her game.

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