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Bigg Boss 17: Vicky Jain Mother Criticised Ankita For Everything, Netizen Called Typical Saas

Bigg Boss 17: Ankita Lokhnde’s mother-in-law has been trolled for blaming Ankita for everything happening in Bigg Boss House. In a recent episode, Ankita Lokhnde’s mother and Vicky’s Mother were invited to solve issues between the couple. Vicky’s mother Blamed Ankita Lokhnde for every fight happening in the house between the couple.

Netizens strongly criticised Vicky Jain’s mother for taking the side of her Son and being a typical saas. 

Netizens Call Vicky Mother “Lalita Pawar”

In Bigg Boss 17 contestant Vicky Jain and TV fame, Ankita Lokhnde grab everyone’s attention with their continuous fight on personal issues. Since Bigg Boss 17 has invited Vicky Jain’s Mother and Ankita Lokhnde’s Mother to solve the issues between them while interacting with each other, Vicky Jain’s mother shuts down Ankita Lokhnde.

While having words with each other Vicky’s mother blames Ankita’s daughter for not understanding her Son Vicky Jain’s situation in the house. Ankita also complained about Her mother and Mother in law that he is not paying attention to her, and he much goes into the game.

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One video is viral of Vicky’s mother while she entered in Bigg Boss 17 Show, she spoke very sweetly that both of her children were playing a good game but when time to have a word with each -other she conventionally put the blame on her bahu Ankita Lokhnde.

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