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Wild Card Entry Ayesha Khan

Bigg Boss 17 Wild Card Entry Ayesha Khan: Munawar Seems In Trouble A Ex Entered In House

Bigg Boss 17 Weekend War new promo has been shared on instagram where Model Ayesha Khan was seen on the Bigg Boss 17 set, claiming that she is an Ex of Munawar Faruqi. In the Bigg Boss House, a new twist came as to what is true and false. It will be important when both the contestants face each other in the House. She reveals her past with Contestant Munawar Faruqi but Munwar denies the relationship inside the house. 

For a few days, the Bigg Boss 17 house seemed boring. Bigg Boss’s wild card entry will make the show interesting because Ayesha Khan has made various allegations against him as he has twice been committed to her girlfriend and then also proposed to me for the marriage.

Ayesha Khan and Munawar Faruqui

Before entering Bigg Boss 17 of Munawar Faruqi, Ayesha Khan made an allegation oh him that he double dated her as he has a relationship with her girlfriend but he said no. Because of this allegation of him, Ayesha Khan became a sensation on that day. Ayesha Khan said that after Bigg Boss 17 had started and her girlfriend posted about him, she knew that they hadn’t broken up yet and Munawar had done double dating. Ayesha Khan and Munawar Faruqi these stories will give perfect spice to the show. 

On the other side inside the house Munawar Faruqi has denied these rumors and said she is doing it to get fame only, there is nothing. Now Bigg Boss 17 is giving a major twist, if Ayesha Khan enters the house then only the truth will be on the front.

Who is Ayesha Khan

There are rumors of  Bigg Boss wild card entry Ayesha Khan. She is a singer, model and television actress. She started her career in 20027 with the TV show “Kasam Se” After that she also worked in the Telugu film industry. She is a great singer as she has given her voice in various albums as well as she is a good social worker.

Bigg Boss Wild Card Entry Ayesha Khan

Rumors of the “Bigg Boss wild card” entry of Ayesha Khan are not 100 % sure but she has been spotted on the set of Bigg Boss 17. If this news is correct then, this “Bigg Boss Wild Card” will be the 4th entry of Manasvi Mamgai, Samarth Jurel and K-pop singers. In a recent interview with Ayesha Khan, she shared that Munawar has double-dated her after being in relation with her current girlfriend.

This interview happened before Munawar Faruqi entered the Bigg Boss 17 house, she said that he approached me for video music on social media, but the video music had never happened, and when he met me a second time, he said I Love you. further, she added that I asked Munawar about his relationship with Nazila, and he said they broke up. She said that she was shocked when the Big Boss 17 premiere showed his girlfriend’s photo.

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Everyone is waiting for the truth behind the serious allegation against Munawar Faruqui, he is really in trouble if this is the truth. Ex Ayesha Khan will expose Munawar on the show. Recently he was told by host Salman Khan that if Munawar Faruqui went from the show then there would be no difference.  This “Bigg Boss wild card” entry will be buzzed in the Bigg Boss 17 house

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