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Rakhi Sawants Ex-Husband Got Married

Rakhi Sawant’s Ex-Husband Got Married to a Bigg Boss 12 Contestant, Called It First Marriage

We all know about the Rakhi Sawant controversy with Adil Khan over the marriage. Last year in December Rakhi Swant opened up her marriage with Adil Khan. Rakhi Sawant’s husband Ali Khan tied the knot with Somi Khan in a private ceremony on the 3rd of March 2024.

Adil Khan Married With Somi Khan 

Adil Khan shared a joint post on Instagram to announce the Marriage with Bigg Boss 12 Fame. In One picture Adil Khan and Somi Khan smiling at each other while holding the marriage certificate. In another picture, Adil Khan kissing her wife Forehead. Somi Khan wears a red dress and Adil Khan wears a white Sherwani.

For the wedding, the couple wore matching Lehenga and Sherwani and both Looked very beautiful. Adil mentioned in Caption “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

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We are overjoyed to announce that by the grace of Allah, we have solemnized our Nikkah in a simple and beautiful ceremony. Alhamdulillah, we are thankful for this blessing and we appreciate our families and friends for their love and support. We are eager to begin our new journey together as husband and wife. Please remember us in your prayers for a blessed married life. JazakAllah Khair”.

In a recent Interview Adil Khan, “This is my first wedding only, we are currently in Bangalore. We will be flying to Mumbai Tomorrow. We Will make an Official announcement. I will share everything in detail Soon.

Adil Khan and Rakhi Sawant’s Marriage

Last year Rakhi Sawant shared the News that she got married to Adil Khan Durrani. In the News, they revealed the knot on May 29, 2022 Finally I am Happy So excited and Got married. My love for her was unconditional but after some while Rakhi Sawant filed the Case against Adil Khan for domestic violence.

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