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Shahid Kapoor Says I Will Not Tolerate Anymore Bollywood Bully, See What Does Mean?

Shahid Kapoor is known as one of the best Superstars who recently Saw Teri Baaton mein Aisa Uljha Jiya with Kriti Sanon. In a recent Show With Neha Dhupia, He spoke never before about How Bollywood treats outsiders.

Shahid says that Despite My father being from the Industry I Got Bullied by Bollywood and they labelled me as an outsider. In a recent episode of No Filter Neha, Shahid spoke with Neha about How he made his way To Hindi Cinema without taking any help from his Parents.

He also mentioned how he was Bullied throughout his career, I will not tolerate the Bully any more. Bollywood is always Unfamiliar with outsiders and they are not accepting easily from Outsiders the Bollywood.

Shahid Kapoor With No Filter Neha

Shahid Kapoor said on the show, that his father is from Bollywood but he never took any advantage to kick start his career. Further, he added Only Stars, superstars and directors had that power not character Actors.

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Shahid Kapoor said that coming to Mumbai From  Delhi He was the odd one In the whole class because of the way he spoke. He said he has been treated as an outsider throughout His life. I didn’t have the quality to be a campy person. I was not accepted in Schools or either In society Because my accent was different.

Shahid Kapoor’s Recent Movie

In recent Shahid Kapoor was Seen with Kriti Sanon In Teri baaton mein Aisa Uljha Jiya. This movie is based on a unique story of artificial intelligence. There is much curiosity because of How robots will deal with In-laws and how they will cope in a wedding, how Aryan will get to know that she is a robot and how he will react.

Shahid Kapoor will be seen next in Deva as he shared all the thoughts he had never had before about the Bollywood camps and bullying.

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