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Uttarakhand Series: Filmmaker Highlighted the Beauty Of Uttarakhand in Seven Short Films

The Filmmaker Announced the Uttarakhand Series to show the Beauty Of India which shows the Connection between Men & Nature. The Virtual Bharat Filmmaker Bharatbala introduced the majestic beauty of the Himalayas Uttarakhand Series which consists of Seven Short Films with different Cultures.

Uttarakhand Series

Till now the Four names of the Uttarakhand series have been revealed such as The fourth film named Ganga Daughter of the Himalayas, Women of Almora, Van Gujjars and Women of Munsiyari. The series got much appreciation from the viewers because audiences love the concept of Short films.

The first film story Ganga Daughter Of Himalayas highlights the journey of Mountain Rising Devyani Semwal and shows the connection between her and goddess Ganga. This is followed by Nomad Lands. The second short film Van Gujjars highlights the language between Men, Nature and Animals which was used before many Centuries.

The film Women of Almora highlights the culture of Pahadi women in Kumaon Hills and forth Women of Munsiyari highlights the connection between women and spirituality. This Uttrakhand Series is a combination of 

Art, culture, Architecture, music, folklore, and traditions in a cinnamic way to impress the audience with the nature of Uttrakhand.

The Filmmaker Virtual India tried to show a 5000-year-old civilization that claims that the magic of these films lies in Divinine culture.

Uttarakhand Series Filmmaker

The Uttarakhand Filmmaker Bharatwala said that “the purity of landscape -the pristine air, water, sky makes it a visual paradise, a haven of cinematic storytelling. Especially when one goes up to Gaumukh and tapovan, magic in the air. What I carried back with me is the beautiful simplicity of the people, their love for their environment and their fierce urge to protect it. When the woman on the mountain says “ Pahadi aurat kuchh bhi kar sakti hai” that confidence is truly inspiring.

The filmmaker tries to highlight the nature of Uttarakhand which is protected by people who have been living there for decades. A short film telling the story of humanity and how humans have a relationship with nature.

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