Most Expensive Things Nita Ambani Have

The Audi A9 Chameleon is worth 90 cores, there are many expensive cars owned By Ambani. 

Luxury handbag Collection worth 2.6 Crore and her wardrobe of handbags is full of Jimmy Choo, Hermes, Mulberry, Fendi, Prada, sell many more

The Japanese tea set is 1.5 crore which was bought from Japan's Oldest Cutlery Maker, which is made of gold.

Nita Ambani has a jewelry collection of 100 crore.

Her lipstick is made in a Customized way matching in outfit worth 40 lakhs.

Mukesh Ambani gifted her wife a private jet worth 240 crores on her 54th birthday.

Nita Ambani wore a 40 Crore saree to meet PM Narendra Modi in 2015, The saree is made of diamonds.