The Film Companion Content Creation Adda 2023

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Film Companion Content Creation announced the famous faces of the Year

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Prajakta Koli is famous for Comedy content creation Based On Real Life

Photo Credit: Instagram/mostlysane

Raghav Juyal said in the interview that I took a break from TV as I was already famous there

Photo Credit: Instagram/raghavjuyal

Bhuvan Bam is famous for BB Ki Vines Content, where he used himself for multiple characters

Photo Credit: Instagram/bhuvan.bam22

Niharika NM Is famous for Hilarious Instagram reels

Photo Credit: Instagram/niharika_nm

Trinetra Gummaraju is one of the First Transgender to go digitally

Photo Credit: Instagram/trintrin

Photo Credit: Instagram/niharika_nm

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