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Welcome to – Your Ultimate Destination for Bollywood Gossip and Buzz 

We are passionate about providing good quality content, bringing you the latest news and hidden existing news from the heart of Bollywood. Our Mission is to provide well-researched and existing news updates to our readers. We are providing the best Bollywood drama in various terms.

Story Of Malicious Gossip

When we started this website, our mission was to provide the best news from the different social media, Bollywood entertaining gossips for the readers. Our only mission is to utilise our Content creation skills for readers to provide daily updates from the Television industry, Indian cinema and the daily routine of superstars through the Content. 

What Sets Apart Us?

Trending Bollywood Gossip

We are covering trending Bollywood news and gossip from Exclusive interviews, social media trends, Social media trolling for actors, the hottest gossip, controversies as well as celebrity updates daily. We are committed to keeping you informed and entertained through our dedicated content writer well-researched article. 

Web  Story

We are covering untold stories of your favourite actors through web stories. we are sharing a short news story that will save the time of the reader without compromising the knowledge of the entertainment world.

Box Office Collection Of Movie

For the Cinephiles who like to track the numbers of Box office Collection of movies released. We also provide day-by-day collection at the Box Office worldwide. We are providing the latest box office figures, figures of pre-booking of tickets for Bollywood movies.

Our Commitment


We prioritise accuracy in our content, to ensure that our readers receive reliable information from our website about the dynamic world of Bollywood.


We value our community and readers to share their thoughts, opinions and love for the entertainment world through the social media platform.


The entertainment world is dynamic and a melting pot of talent. We celebrate the Diversity of the entertainment world by covering a wide range of topics and gossip.

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