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Emraan Hashmi Does Not Want The “Serial Kisser” Tag Anymore 

Emraan Hashmi wants to remove the tag of “ Serial Kisser” as can’t serve the same dish again and again, he said. As we all know Emraan Hashmi is known for his kissing scene on the screen but recently in one interview he said he doesn’t want to be called a “ Serial Kisser”. Emraan Hashmi is a Bollywood Kisser, For a major part of his career he did so well but now he says “ he gave himself a Joke”.

Can’t Serve the Same Dish Again and Again To Fan 

In a recent Interview with Emraan Hashmi To Indian Express, “ He benefited much from the tag of “Serial Kisser” but now wants to move on from this tag. He said that this anime gave him a Joke but it is stuck with Audience Mind and Media as well. Emraan was talking about his new role In the TIGER 3 movie as Antagonist.

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Talking with Indian Express: he said that talking about a 20 year journey in the film industry he didn’t start his journey with a traditional main lead role he worked in various movies in various generic ways. In Tiger 3 he played the role of Katrina’s former Boss bringing Salman and Katrina as Tiger & Joya In the movie.

Further, He added” At one point I felt that I had played the role of “Serial Kisser” But now it’s time to move on from this before it is rejected badly because you can’t serve the same dish again and again. I will not say that I didn’t benefit from this tag, I had earned a lot of it but now I want to move from this tag.

Emraan said people were not really ready to see in a different role but wanted to move on to a different role so I did because as an actor it was an important decision for him. He admits that it brought a “ Bleeding Period”.

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How Emraan Hashmi Got Tagged “Serial Kisser”

He made his debut In 2003  Bollywood in the Movie name “Footpath” Then he did a movie with Mallika Sherawat in 2004 Murder Directed By Anurag Basu from there he became worldwide famous. After that he did many movies, in several movies he set an image as a “ Serial Kisser” On the screen like Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Raaz 3, Jannat, Murder 2, Gangster many more. 

Emraan Currently plays the role of Ex – ISI agent Atish Rehman In Tiger 3 movie by Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif directed by Maneesh Sharma .Tiger 3 Continuously collects At the box office.

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