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Neha Dhupia Got Fired From The Show

Neha Dhupia Got Fired From The Show When She Confirmed About Pregnancy

Actress Neha Dhupia talked about her previous experience when got pregnant and how the filmmaker dismissed her from the project. Neha Dhupia married Angad Vedi and she has a child also which is a baby boy & Baby Girl.

Neha Dhupia Interview

Recently Neha Dhupia Did an Interview with Zoom TV, where she informed us How she got fired from the Show when she informed the director about pregnancy. The actress didn’t tell any specific name but also talked about how she got comments on putting on weight.

Actress Neha Dhupia said “When I joined the business, there was a stereotype that women were supposed to fit into that mould, then you are not good enough. Nowadays everything is very real but still these things are happening in industries. I have been fired for both having a sharp face and not being willing to lose weight.

Further Actress Neha Dhupia added that when I was pregnant, I was fired from the show that I was on and there was no news of that show being shot for the next 8 months. When I went and revealed to them that they were not shooting for 8 months, they just said no, we do not want to work with you. I am talking about people who said that and done unreasonable things.

Neha Dhupia’s Upcoming OTT Debut

Neha Dhupia is doing her show No Filter Neha On the OTT platform. She expressed her excitement towards her upcoming show No Filter Neha. She also said that I would love to go back to do work in Telugu cinema. She is also well known for the MTV Roadies show where she worked as a judge of the show.

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