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Ranveer Singh's New ad

Rashami Desai Slams Ranveer Singh’s Bold Care Ad, Called Humiliating

Recently Ranveer singh Bold Care ad which collaborated with Pron star Johnny Sins is a parody of Hindi TV Serial. The audience liked this Funny ad by Ranveer Singh and Johnny Sins commercial advertisements too much. Rashmi Desai, a popular TV actress, slams Ranveer Singh’s Bold Care ad, calling it humiliating for the Hindi TV series.

Rashami Desai On Bold Care Ad

Rashami Desai broke out over the New collaboration of Ranveer singh and Johnny Sins. She took an instagram story and wrote “ This is the most Unexpected Collab ever to exist” I have started my work in the regional film industry.ppl Call it a small screen, where Normal people watch the news, cricket, all the Bollywood films also and much more.

After watching the reel. which is highly unexpected, I felt it was a humiliation to all the TV industry and people who work in television. because we always felt smaller and treated like 1. Actors really wanna work on the big screen too. This is how exactly we get treated.

Everyone is working hard but I am sorry TV shows pe yeh sab nahi dikhate. This all happens on the big screen and nothing is wrong in showing some reality but this is a reality check for all the TV industry because I feel it’s a slap. Maybe I am overreacting. But we show culture and love to our audience. And I am hurt because I have a respectful journey in the TV Industry. i hope you will understand the emotion. 

Many actors and actresses commented on the Ranveer Singh Bold Care ad which found them very hilarious content.

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Ranveer Singh’s New ad

Johnny sins first commercial advertisement with an Indian brand for the man wellness & healthcare. Ranveer singh New ad duration is 1 minute 45 seconds which shows the hillaours saas Bahu drama. The desi twist of Indian TV drama in the Bold Care ad solving the men’s sexual health. 

At the beginning of the Ranveer Singh Bold Care ad, Ranveer Singh ( He) asks Johnny Sins why his wife is leaving the house. Johnny sins wife reveals the reason for leaving the house, shocking everyone in the joint family. In the end, the slow-motion drama ended with a happy ending with the help of a Bold care capsule for enhancing sexual health in men. 

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