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Baster Teaser Out: Adah Sharma Turns to IPS Officer In Vipul Shah Film

Adah Sharma is all set to star In Vipul Shah Film as an IPS officer as we know she acted best in The Kerala Story. Baster Teaser is Out today as it’s going to be released in March. The movie is based on a true story which is the story of a Leftist shaking hands with Naxals to divide the Bharat. We will see how the audience reacted to the Baster Teaser.

Baster Teaser 2

Baster First Teaser is Out Today which is based on the extreme political Fight. The first teaser of Sudipto Pen and Vipul Shah Film which stars Adah Sharma as IPS Officer Neerja Madhavan. In the Teaser IPS officer Neerja Madhavan talks about going against the Naxal at any cost.

In Teaser Adah Sharma’s character Introduced in War Look, In Baster Teaser 2 one woman shares the harsh reality about the Naxal area. How her husband was murdered in front of the village because, on the 15th of August, he celebrated the national flag.

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Women Son was also arrested by Naxalies, so women wanted justice from the government to find out the Naxals. Naxalites are holding their life in their hands.

Baster Release Date

The Baster Release date will be 15 March 2024, right now only the first Baster teaser has been out. The Baster Movie is based on the true story of India when the Naxalies tried to divide India. This Movie Baster will be released at the Box office on 15 March 2024.

Baster Cast Name

Baster’s cast name is Adah Sharma, Yashpal Sharma, and Anangsha Biswas in the lead Role, The Baster Movie is based on a true story and one female lead role will be there.

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