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Salman Khan Scolds Samarth Jurel

Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan Scolds Samarth Jurel on Abhishek Kumar Eviction

Bigg Boss 17: Most Popular show of Salman Khan Bigg Boss 17 is near its grand finale, This week Bigg Boss 17 reached an interesting twist on the show as Bigg Boss has given authority to Caption Ankita Lokhande To eliminate anyone who broke the rule of the house.Caption Ankita Lokhande decided to get Abhishek Kumar Evicted From the Bigg Boss Show because he slapped Smarth Jurel.

Salman Khan Scolds Samarth Jurel

In Weekend ka Vaar’s upcoming episode, Salman Khan seems very angry with Smarth Jurel because Smarth Jurel poked at Abhishek Kumar’s mental health. Salman Khan scolds the housemates for why no one stopped Smarth while he was provoking Abhishek Kumar’s mental health.

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Salman Khan addresses housemates that I know Abhishek Kumar is wrong 100% but isn’t the one who made him do it is not wrong? Smarth Jurel did Tissue paper muh pe thopna, Baap ka mental beta bolna, you all housemates were seeing this provoking scenes.

Nobody stopped Smarth Jurel while he was doing it, Did anyone say samarth what are you doing man? Did anyone hold samarth- pagal ho gya hai kya? Mat kar ye . Salman Khan also asked Isha Malviya, If you were Abhishek and samarth, would do this to you then Isha Malviya Replied Maar deti sir 

Salman Khan says to samarth, samarth you wanted to end this result the he hits you so was this planned? Smarth Replied I know these are his trigger points . I knew he was not mentally strong. Salman Khan then tells him Basically you wanted this finale to happen. Jo Aapne successfully hassil kar liya

Ankita Evict Abhishek Kumar From Bigg Boss 17

Last week a fight happened between Abhishek Kumar and Smarth Jurel, there also Abhishek almost slapped Smarth but no action was taken against Abhishek Kumar. This week on Thursday night again they got into a fight where Bigg Boss asked Captain Ankita whether Abhishek should be allowed in the game after the Physical fight. 

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Pavitra Rishta Actress Ankita chose to evict Abhishek Kumar From The Bigg Boss 17 House and many of the House members also agreed with the same decision. Fans on social media saying it’s an unfair decision because Isha and Smarth provoked him to do the same things and fans are expecting to take back Abhishek Kumar in the Bigg Boss 17 house in Weekend ka Vaar.

Abhishek Kumar Evicted?

In a recent episode, a big fight was between Smarth Jurel, Abhishek Kumar and Isha Malviya. Smarth Jurela and his girlfriend Isha Malviya were mocking the mental health of Abhishek Kumar. The escalation between Trio went to a high level and because of the aggressive nature of Abhishek, he slapped Smarth Jurel between the fights. 

Bigg Boss gave authority to Ankita Lokhande to Evict Abhishek Kumar from Bigg Boss’s house because of his physical involvement in the fight. She decided to evict Abhishek Kumar from Bigg Boss House.

Abhishek Kumar and Isha Malviya Relationship

Abhishek Kumar and Isha Malviya worked together in the TV serial “ Udaariyan” From there both fell in love after dating for a few years. Both got separated because Isha Malviya said that he was too aggressive as well as domestic violence.

On the Bigg Boss 17 Premier both met each other, and both parties confirmed their breakups after a few days, Bigg Boss wild card entry to Isha Malviya’s current Boyfriend Smarth Jurel into the show. Abhishek Kumar felt Heartbroken by this and the fight started from there between Isha Malviya, Smarth Jurel and Abhishek Kumar. Now the fight came to evict Abhishek Kumar from Bigg Boss 17 House.

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