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Fir Against Oye Indori Youtuber

Fir Against Oye Indori Social Media Influencer for Sexual Exploitation

The famous YouTuber and social media influencer aka Robin Jindal faces serious allegation of Raping Live in partner on promise of marriage. A 35-year-old woman has filed an FIR against Robin“ I met Robin In Indore, as after some time we came close and promised me that he will marry me, we started loving together in a flat on rent in Nehru Nagar. After getting involved physically with me, he refused to get married to me, a woman said to the police.

Fir Against Oye Indori Youtuber

The information came into the limelight on Tuesday 19th December, in Madhya Pradesh where police have been charged FIR against Robin Jindal for raping her partner in live in relationship for marriage promises in the future. Robin Jindal operated the YouTube channel and instagram handle name of OYE INDORI.

Based on the FIR filed by the women, the case was filed under the Indian Penal Code ( IPC). investigation is going on to know the story of Jindal’s side. Influencer Oye Indori is yet to get arrested by the police. 

Sub Inspector Sachin Arya, confirms that a case has been registered against Robin Jindal, son of Mithilesh Agarwal residence of Mahalaxmi Nagar. FIR is based on rape under the pretext of marriage.

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Robin Jindal Got Engaged to Alisha Rajput

Robin Jindal Got Engaged to Alisha Rajput

Recently influencer Oye Indori aka Robin Jindal got engaged to social media influencer Alisha Rajput. Despite getting worried towards the serious allegation, he got engaged to a fellow influencer. Engagement has been done with Family and friends from the city and countries. He had shared the pictures and videos from the engagement party.

Oye Indori Aka Robin Jindal Followers

He is a very famous social media influencer, who has 7.4 Million followers on Instagram and 7.87 Million followers on YouTube. He is very active on social media. He used to make funny videos as he has massive fan followers on social media.

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