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Ranveer Singh Bold Care Ad

Ranveer Singh Bold Care Ad: Johnny Sins Saas Bahu Drama

Bollywood Bajirao Ranveer Singh teamed up with adult star Johnny Sins for a new Bold care ad which is typical Saas Bahu Show twists. Ranveer Singh Bold Care’s ad became the talk of the town because of the hilarious content of the ad on the screen. Ranveer singh became the face of the condom company and the biggest superstar from different contents making the audience on the floor laugh. Ranveer Singh’s Bold Care Ad became a sensation over the internet.

Ranveer Singh New Ad

Johnny sins first commercial advertisement with an Indian brand for the man wellness & healthcare. Ranveer singh New ad duration is 1 minute 45 seconds which shows the hillaours saas Bahu drama. The desi twist of Indian TV drama in the Bold Care ad solving the men’s sexual health. 

At the beginning of the Ranveer Singh Bold Care ad, Ranveer Singh ( He) asks Johnny Sins why his wife is leaving the house. Johnny sins wife reveals the reason for leaving the house, shocking everyone in the joint family. In the end, the slow motion drama ended with a happy ending with the help of a Bold care capsule for enhancing sexual health in men. 

Ranveer Singh & Johnny Sins Funny Ad

This Ranveer Singh Bold Care Ad shows a TV serial drama in India where especially the Saas Bahu quarrel. Ranveer Singh & Johnny Sins Funny ad became one of the trending content over the internet. In the ad, Johnny Sins wears a Blue kurta with a golden jacket and Ranveer singh wears a maroon kurta with Long hair. In Ranveer Singh’s new Ad, Johnny sins and he is siblings in bold care ad.

This Ranveer Singh New ad is just unexpected for the audience as many audiences have been written over the X, that audience never imagined the collaboration of Johnny Sins with an Indian Brand but it’s happening now.

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