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Scary: TV Actress Hair Catches Fire On the Set, Co-Actor Becomes the Saviour

TV actress Chhavi Mittal is very active on social media as he is always used to sharing minutes of details on her Instagram Handle. She is doing a famous YouTube channel shitty Ideas Trending with Karan Grover and many more actors. Recently the actress shared one video on Instagram and YouTube channel where she mentioned the scariest moments of her life, as her hair caught fire on the set

Chhavi Mittal’s Hair Caught Fire


In the video shared by Chhavi Mittal, we can see how her hair caught fire on the set, The Incident was captured in the Camera, and later she shared the video with her experience. In the short video, it can be seen that Actress Chhavi Mittal was talking with her husband with co-actor Karan Grover when her hair caught fire from the candle. the actress was unaware of her co-actor Karan Grover who noticed the fire and used her bare hand to save the hair. In the video it can be heard from her that, I was smelling it as mere baal jale , Karan Grover replied Jale.

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She posted the video with the caption “Accidents happen on set, but my hair catching fire somehow felt the scariest!! I accidentally also caught it on camera! The vlog is now live. Link in bio/story. Also thank you @karanvgrover for saving me by putting it out with your bare hands! 

When Karan Grover replied to her post at first, I thought you were on fire, because you are hot..then realised it was a candle.

Chhavi Mittal Health Issues

Chhavi Mittal’s health issues are a big concern for fans as she battled with breast cancer some time ago. Recently she again posted that she is suffering from the diagnosed costochondritis, which is a medical form of the disease called as breastbone issues. She posted the caption” Naya wali beemari layi hoon market mein it’s called costochondritis. Fancy no? (It’s an injury to a cartilage in the chest) The probable cause could be radiation (cancer treatment) or a side effect of the injection I took for osteopenia (a condition with low BMD) or it could be an incessant cough (which I had a few days back) or a combination of one or more or all. I have pain while breathing, using my hand, or arm, lying down, sitting, laughing or pretty much everything. No, I’m not always positive about it, but I’m rarely negative. So, holding my chest in my hand, I went to the gym (my happiest place) coz u know what?

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We all get knocked down, but do we get up again? Well, I do!

For anyone who needs to hear this… I know ur suffering in some way or the other.. but ur not alone! And THIS TOO SHALL PASS”.

Chhavi Mittal Famous Projects

Chhavi and Karan Grover’s YouTube channel is very famous, they used to give comic content from the daily lives of a couple for three years. She has done many TV serials such as Teen Bahuraaniyan, Tumhari Disha, Ghar ki Lakshmi betiyann, Bandini, Ek chutki Aasman, Twinkle Beauty Parlour and Virasat. She is very active on her social media account.

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