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TV Actress Dolly Sohi Dies

TV Actress Dolly Sohi Dies Within a Few Hours of Sister’s Death

Dolly Sohi and Amandeep Sohi were both actresses and sisters. Amandeep Sohi died on 7th March and Dolly Sohi died on 8th March in the Morning time. The family members are in shock because two family members died within hours.

Death Reason Of Actress Dolly Sohi

Most Popular Dolly Sohi dies due to cervical Cancer. Actress Dolly Sohi was struggling with cervical cancer and last year she shared a post about how she is suffering. Dolly Sohi’s last post in February about how her Pet dog also died.

Dolly Sohi and sister Amandeep Sohi were working in Television. Dolly Sohi was suffering from cervical cancer and Amandeep Sohi was suffering from Jaundice. A few days back both sisters were upset about her pet Toto died and now both sisters died unexpectedly.

Poonam Pandey’s fake death news due to cervical cancer hurts the actress’s whole family because Dolly Sohi was struggling with cervical cancer. Last year Dolly Sohi posted her after-chemo picture with a heartful caption “THANK U EVERYONE FOR SENDING YOUR LOVE AND PRAYERS🙏🏻 Life has been a Roller Coaster lately, But if u have the strength to fight with it then ur journey becomes easier. It’s up to u what do u choose to be A Victim Of Journey (CANCER) Or A Survivor Of Journey.

Dolly Sohi’s family gave a statement “ The family said our beloved dolly left her heavenly abode today early morning. we are in a state of shock with the loss . The final rites will be conducted today.

Actress Brother Mannu Sohi said “ Dolly Passed away At 4 am This morning. Both Dolly and Amandeep were admitted to Apollo New Mumbai. Amandeep passed away yesterday and today Dolly left us. we are completely devastated by the huge loss.

Dolly Sohi and Amandeep Work Front

Actress Dolly Sohi has made a name in both the Television world and in movies also. She has made her name in some very famous TV serials such as Bhabhi, Kasauti Zindagi ki, Kkasuti, Kahani Ghar Ghar ke many more.

Amandeep also gained fame from the serial Jhanak and both sisters have worked in their own choice but Dolly Sohi was a big name in the TV serial world. We lost the actress because of health issues.

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